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Oculoplastic Surgery

Oculoplasty is the branch of ophthalmology that deals with the diseases of the structures around the eye like eyelids, eyebrows, ocular adenaxae. It encompases: Lid surgery and reconstruction, Lacrimal surgery, Ocular Oncology,Orbit, Ocular and facial aesthetics.

Dr. Vikas Thukral is a renowned Oculoplasty surgeon of Delhi NCR. Following are the variousdiseases treated/ procedures and services offered :

  • Ptosis: This is the drooping of the upper eyelid, may be present to varying degrees in one or both the eyes. Can be present from birth or may develop in old age.
  • Entropion/ Ectropion: These abnormalities of the eyelid can be treated by surgery.
  • Lacrimal diseases: Congenital nasolacrimal duct obstruction( Common problem in infants, symptoms are watering and discharge), Chronic dacryocystitis, Punctal stenosis, canaliculitis, etc. Syringing, Probing, DCR, etc. are the various procedures done.
  • Eye Cancers/Tumours: Squamous cell carcinoma, Basal cell carcinoma, Sebaceous cell carcinoma, Malignant melanoma, Retinoblastoma, etc.
  • Eyelid cysts,  chalazion, growths, mole, wart, etc. removal.
  • Eyelid injuries, orbital fractures, etc.
  • Facial aesthetics and cosmetic procedures are discussed separately…..link

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