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Patient Testimonial

Thank you Dr. Vikas Thukral for correcting my eye vision. I am very much happy because my vision is clear and there is no drawback. Thanks very much. Have a great success in future.

Mr. Theenash Sachdeva

Thank you Dr. Vikas Thukral for restoring my eye sight. My vision has become much better after getting both my eyes treated. The cataract operation was a huge success as well as the glaucoma is under control.

Mr. Ram Prakash Gulati

Dr. Vikas is the most polite doctor I've ever met. Even though he is young, his knowledge and experience is commendable. Me and My family trust him completely with any small or big issue concerning our eyes. He has very successfully performed a surgery on my wife's eyes.
Thank you Dr. Thukral!!!

Mr. Manmohan Gupta

Dr. Vikas operated me for cataract surgery on both my eyes. He did a very good job and my vision has become normal once again. His post operative care was also very good. I am very satisfied on all levels.
Thank you Dr. Vikas.

HP Chowdhary

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